dedicated to finding permanent homes for shelter animals

Best Pets Foundation

Ted and Dara Wood-Prince, long time animal shelter volunteers and founders of Best Pets Inc. created the Best Pets Foundation in 2009. The foundations goal is to fund programs which directly impact the lives of shelter and companion animals. The Best Pets Foundation recognizes the importance of smaller organizations and the profound impact they make and the work they do. Through spay/neuter events, as well as innovative adoption programs and incentives, The Best Pets Foundation strives to support those groups who are making a significant difference in the lives of shelter animals and reducing pet overpopulation.

Geographic Focus

The Best Pets Foundation is geographically diverse in its giving within the United States. Priority is given but not limited to organizations in or near the state of Colorado.

Organization Requirements

Applicants must be a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation.

Time Table

Grants reviewed on an ongoing basis with no deadlines.

Grant applicant will be notified within 8 weeks after it has been received. Grant applicants may reapply every 12 months.

Grant Types

  • Individual Project Grants

These grants generally fulfill a one time , or short term need such as: a spay/neuter event, adoption event, emergency transportation of shelter animals, supply/equipment purchases, including those for the construction of an adoption or spay/neuter mobile vehicle.

  • Organization Program Grants

These grants can be used to help fund ongoing programs such as spay/neuter events, adoption programs, and educational outreach.

For More Information

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