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Why Best Pets?

Helping to Bring Denver Area Shelter Animals
A Little Closer to Adoption...

Every year 40,000 shelter dogs and cats are euthanized in the state of Colorado. What Best Pets attempts to do is to bring this problem to the public's attention, as well as to provide a new way in which to solve it. As the struggle continues to bring more people into animal shelters, Best Pets will bring shelter animals to the people!

Best Pets is what a pet store should be. A bright, cheerful and friendly place to visit with and adopt homeless dogs and cats. Best Pets is also mobile, which allows us to target high traffic, high volume areas and events. Working side by side with the animal shelters in the Denver area, we showcase and place unwanted animals into permanent homes. Our primary function is to promote the adoption of the displayed homeless animals while raising awareness of pet overpopulation.

Best Pets
is an independent non-profit organization having no affiliation with any ONE shelter. We hope to work with as many shelters as we can to promote animal adoptions and lower euthanasia rates. The service we provide to the shelters is absolutely free! We take no percentage of adoption fees and charge nothing to the shelters who wish to participate. We are here for the animals, period.


Taking the Shelter to the People!

Animal lovers from the start, Best Pets founders Ted and Dara have a long history of trying to help their furry or in some cases feathered friends.

In 2003 Dara started volunteering at the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter. Seeing the tremendous need for volunteers there, she "volunteered" Ted and soon they were spending every Sunday walking dogs, cleaning cages and spending time with the various and numerous shelter animals. Week after week they couldn’t help but notice so many of the same animals would still be there, confined to their cages, waiting to be adopted. These were very adoptable loving animals that were just overlooked and unwanted.

Dara and Ted knew wonderful new owners were out there, they just weren’t coming into the shelter. So, instead of waiting for people to come to the shelter, they decided to take the shelter to the people!

The Best Pets Mobile Adoptions Truck was born. By focusing on the smaller shelters that did not have a mobile adoption unit of their own, Best Pets could help by bringing this overlooked group of animals to the attention of many new prospective owners.

View the Best Pets schedule to find out when we'll be in your neighborhood!

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